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  • GITAM has laid a base for my career. In most of the companies GITAMites were placed and recognized as "Unique". In the corporate world GITAM has set a standard

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    • Jyothi Koneru
    • BBM(1999-2002)
    • Business Development Manager
    • Silicon Design Technologies
  • I am glad to be part of GITAM'S journey. I am grateful for the commitment and dedication with which GIM offers the best in its class education.

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    • Venu Kota
    • BBM(1997-2000)
    • Integrated Operation Leader
    • IBM India
  • We were quite wild children at that point of time, reiterated to us by our HoD. I have no fancy stories of how GITAM forged my individual branch, but I am very thankful for being part of legend.

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    • Venkat Ragav
    • BBM(2002-2005)
    • Sr. Data Analyist
    • ESPN cric Info

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