MARKETING Department - Faculty


Dr Rajeshwari Panigrahi

Associate Professor

Qualification:M.Com, Ph.D

Specialization: Marketing

Phone No:9989224206


More Details

SlnoTitleJournal NameVolumesYear
1Corporate Social Responsibility: Study of select CSR models in India (Co-Authored)IPE Journal of Managment Volume 5 No-12015
2How green is the Indian Consumer?IPE-Journal of Marketing VistasVolume 5 No-22015
3Re- Engineering Rural Retail:A Study of Various Innovative Agricultural Retail Models In India IPE Journal Of management12014
4Consumer perception of the CSR effort and its consequent impact on purchase decision. (Co Authored)IPE-Journal of Marketing VistasVolume 4 No 12014
5Financial Inclusion in India: A Study of financial Inclusion Models of selected public sector.“Financial Inclusion in India-Challenges and strategies”edt12013
6Purchase Behavior of Gen-Y In the Indian Market-Influence of Advertisements.( Co-authored)GITAM Journal of managementVolume 11 Issue 42013
7Role Of Media in Fostering Brand Loyalty: An empirical AnalysisJournal of Research in Management ,Computer Applications and Social SciencesVolume-2 Issue-12013
8.Dilemmas of small business growth-The case of rural Agri-business based Micro Firms (Co-Authored)Sumedha Journal of ManagementVol.2 No.42013
96. Financial Inclusion in Vijaywada Rural: Finding Usage in access. (Co-authored) financial Inclusion in India Challenges and strategiesedt Volume 2010 Excel Books2013
10Ethical Dimension of Indian AdvertisingIQRA International Management Journal,Vol.1, No.1 2012
11Corporatisation of Agriculture In India a study of contract farmingPRAGYAAN: Journal of Management Studies, biannual referred research journal of INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES, DEHRADUN Volume 9 Issue 1 ,pp 29-39 2011
12Evaluating the influence on Media on Consumer Purchase Decision: An exploratory Study PRAGYAAN: Journal of Management, biannual referred research journal of INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT STUDIESVolume 8, Issue 2,pp 33-412010
131. Corporate Social responsibility-A Reality Check (Co-Authored).“Readings in Corporate Social Responsibility A Compendium of papers” by VDM Publishers Germanyedt Volume 20102010
147. Brand Loyalty Behaviour of Indian Consumers–An Exploratory Analysis-Thesis AbstractPublished in GITAM Journal of ManagementVol-3 No 2, 2005.
156. Infrastructure Development in Rural Orissa :A Case Of A Regional Rural Bank Orissa Journal of Commerce Vol. XXVI No.1 2004
162. Buyback of Shares: The Indian ExperienceOrissa Journal of Commerce Vol. XXIV2000
173. Child Labour: The Harsh Reality (Co-Authored)Southern Economist Vol. 381999
181. Privatisation of Public Sector in India: Some IssuesOrissa Journal of Commerce Vol. XXIII ,1999
194. Media of Product Advertising: An Exploratory Analysis (Co-Authored)Journal of Commerce & EconomicsVol. VI & VII

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