Human Resource Management Department - Faculty


Dr Shaik Shamshuddin

Assistant Professor


Specialization: Marketing

Phone No:0891-2840302


More Details

Had industry experience.

Participation in a 4 months Faculty Development Programme organized by IIM,Ahmedabad.

SlnoTitleJournal NameVolumesYear
11) Participated and presented a Research Paper on An Evaluation of Teaching in National Conference on Teaching Learning and Evaluation on 30th &31st July 2006, which published. 2)2) A paper Presented and Published in National Seminar on “Recommendations of the Twelth Finance Commission” held at Andhra University on 21st March 2006-06-09 3)3) Participated and Presented and Published a Paper on “Philosophy and Management Functions in Current Global Village of business” held on 27th & 28th January 2006, which published. 4)7) Submitted a Paper and presented on “Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility” held on Jan 25th and 26th 2006 at Gayatri Vidya Parshat PG campus 5) 2) Participated and Presented an International conference at Delhi on Corporate Social Responsibility and presented a paper which published. 6) Published a Paper on General Insurance in Insurance3 Chronicle in 2009SELECT
2Micro Finance in India Issues and challengesGITAM University ProceedingsSELECT
3Development of Agro based industry with special reference to cashewSocial Sceince Research Network2015
4A Study on Institutional credit to Agriculture in IndiaProceedings of Department of Economics Andhra University2015
5Emerging trends in General InsuranceInsurance Chrocicle2012
6Essentials of Supply chain Management Book Published in the year of 2012 by American Publisher2012
7Business Laws for Indian Business - Book published in the year of 2012 2012
8Life insurance and Marketing in India a growth rate a research report 2012 by German Publisher2012
9• Risk and Insurance Management in Insurance Chronicle in Feb 2011.Insurance Chronicle2011
10• Published the book on “Management of Industrial Relations” in April 20112011
11Third Party Logistics and dimensions in IndiaBHU Proceedings2011
12Health Insurance Retailing in India: Trends and Challenges National: The Journal of Insurance & Risk Management’ National Insurance Academy School of Management, India, PravartakVolume IV, Issues 6,2009
13• “Corporate Governance and Green Management” presented and published in an International Conference at Delhi. 8th & 9th August 2007International Asia pacific proceedings2007
14• Implications on 12th finance Commission in 12th October 2004. Proceedings Andhra University2004
15• “Philosophy and Management” presented and published in National conference at Andhra University. 27th & 28th Jan 2006AU Philosophy Proceedings2004

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