OPERATIONS Department - Faculty


Dr G Arti

Assistant Professor

Qualification:M.Sc. (Stat.), MBA

Specialization: FINANCE

Phone No:0891-2840302


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15   years in Teaching & Research  

SlnoTitleJournal NameVolumesYear
1The distribution of amount of deficit at the time of ruin when claim amount distribution is two stage hypo exponential distributionIndian Journal of Finance and Economic ManagementISSN 2347-3061,Volume 2 Number 1 , pp21-342015
2Radhika's Homemade South Indian Food - A case studyUnfolding Entrepreneurship Cases in Management2014
3On the moments of the time to ruin distribution when the initial reserve is large and claim amount distribution is two stage Hypo exponential distribution International Journal of Management Academy, 2013
4Financial Inclusion through Micro finance: A success storyFinancial Inclusion in IndiaISBN:978-93-5062-318-32013
5A Four Graded Manpower planning with Bulk Recruitment at First GradeInternational journal of Multidisciplinary Educational ResearchISSN: 2277-78812012
6Simultaneous Confidence Intervals for Linear Combination of Parameters in a Markov Manpower ModelInternational Journal of Statistics and AnalysisISSN2248-99592012
7On the Distribution of time to ruin when the initial reserve is largeGlobal Journal of Finance and ManagementVolume 3, pp 51-55, ISSN 0975 – 64772011
8A Three Graded Manpower Planning Model with Bulk Recruitment at First Grade and Poisson Recruitment at Second gradeInternational Journal of Statistics & Systems, New Delhi.VOL 5, NUMBER 4 , PP 569-581, ISSN 0973 -2675, 2010
9Study on awareness of life insurance policies in Visakhapatnam city Journal of Insurance Chronicle2007

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