FINANCE Department - Faculty


Ms V Gowri Lakshmi

Assistant Professor


Specialization: FINANCE

Phone No:891-2840313


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SlnoTitleJournal NameVolumesYear
1Self Help Groups – A study of SHGs with reference to VisakhapatnamGITAM Journal of ManagementVol. 14, No. 22016
2Women Entrepreneurship in IndiaInternational Journal of Business Management & Research(IJBER)Vo. 5, No. 52015
3A Study on the Entrepreneurial development in Visakhapatnam DistrictInternational Journal of Marketing and Financial ManagementVol12, Issue 7, ISSN NO> 2349-25462014
42. “Socio and Economic profile of Women entrepreneurs ". Mcstanford Journal of International ManagementVol 1, Issue 16, ISSN 2331-16522014
5Present status of Women empowerment in IndiaNational: Seminar proceedings: Financial Challenges and Opportunities, Department of Economics,A.U
6Financial Inclusion: Women Self Help Groups and Micro credit in India.Seminar Proceedings: Financial inclusion and Banking sector reforms:UGC,DCMS,AU
7• Presented a paper on “The Role of Distance Education in the Human Resource Development of India” in national seminar conducted in Andhra University on Distance Education under dual mode system on 31st March, 2011. • Presented a Paper on Rural Development through Higher Education in India in national seminar conducted by Maharajah’s college , Vizianagaram on 12, 13th of Nov, 2010 • Paper on Growth and Development of Self Help Groups in National Seminar on Women Empowerment Through Self-Help Groups in India on 31st August, 2010. • Attended workshop on Recent Litigation trends in Service taxes conducted by CII 13th May, 2010. • Paper on “ethical culture in an organization” presented at the Seminar of Business Ethics and Human Values during 26-27 March, 2010. • International Seminar on ‘Global Economic Turbulence, Shifts in Structures and Systems’ conducted by Gitam University, Visakhapatnam on July 12-14.2009 • Participated in Faculty Development Programme on ‘Instructional Design and Delivery System’ conducted by Technical Teachers Training &Research, at GIM, GITAM University during May, 1-6-2009 • Paper presented (Present Status of Women Empowerment in India), in K.S.Chalam Shatyabji Poorti Celebrations, Economics Department, Andhra Univeristy, Waltair Oct, 2008 • Paper(Financial Inclusion, Women Self Help Group and Micro Credit in India), National Seminar on Financial Inclusion Conducted at Andhra University, Nov 2008. • Attended Management Development Programme on “Communication Skills for Management Teachers at GIM, GITAM University during September 27th-28th,2008 8. Published a paper on Present Status of Women Empowerment in India in Book “Women Empowerment Issues and Challenges” by Dr Pulla Rao, ISBN No, 978-81-8429-054-7 9. Published a text book on “Women Empowerment in India A Study on Self Help Groups by VDM (Verlag Dr.Muller) with ISBN No.978-3-639-37764-4
8Published a paper on Present Status of Women Empowerment in India in Book “Women Empowerment Issues and Challenges” by Dr Pulla Rao, ISBN No, 978-81-8429-054-7

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