Office Department - Faculty


Dr B Nalini

Associate Professor/Director I/C


Specialization: Human Resource Management

Phone No:9849069998


More Details

Worked briefly in the Andhra Pradesh Administrative Services as a Group I Gazette Officer.

Was awarded the Durganand Sinha Best Presentation Award by the National Academy of Psychology.

Was selected as a cultural ambassador of India to the Philippines by Rotary International

Participation in a 4 months Faculty Development Programme organized by IIM,Ahmedabad.

Awarded the ICSSR Doctor fellowship.

SlnoTitleJournal NameVolumesYear
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4Gandhian Perspective of Violence and Alternatives to ViolenceGITAM Journal of Gandhian Studies3(1)2014
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10Sajjata Sangh: Weather Based Crop Insurance Scheme - A Case StudyUshus12(2)2013
11Review of the Book Confessions of a Microfinance Heretic: How Microlending Lost its Way and Betrayed the PoorVikalpa38(4)2013
12Book Review: Gandhi CEOGITAM Journal of Gandhian Studies1(1)2012
13Report on the National Seminar on Containing Violence: Measures for Resolution GITAM Journal of Gandhian Studies1(1)2012
14Report on the National Seminar on Spiritual Aspects of Mahatma Gandhi’s Philosophy and Practices GITAM Journal of Gandhian Studies1(1)2012
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29A Comparative Study of Impact of Membership of Self-help groups on House-hold autonomy, decision-making patterns and Self-esteem. Gitam Journal of Management

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