Human Resource Management Department - Faculty


Dr Suresh Sirisetti

Assistant Professor

Qualification:M.Com., MBA, M. Phil., Ph.D

Specialization: HRD

Phone No:0891-2840304


More Details

SlnoTitleJournal NameVolumesYear
1INFLUENCE OF ATTRIBUTES OF MUTUAL FUNDS ON INVESTMENT DECISIONInternational Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering(TM)02019
2An Exploration into the Intrinsic aspects of the Use of Competency Models in Psychometric Testing across Various HR FunctionsRESEARCH REVIEW International Journal of Multidisciplinary62019
3Employee Perception on HRM Practices in Sugar IndustryThe International Journal of Business and Management102015
4Evolution of Corporate Governance in Indias Business Perspective.Journal of International Academic Research for Multidisciplinary42013
5The Impact of HRM Practices in Indian Sugar IndustryInternational Journal of Research in Commerce and Management92013
6Employee Engagement CultureThe Journal of Commerce12012
7Human Resource Accounting Model in Indian IndustriesThe Journal of Commerce22012
8Quality leadership in the Public Sector Strategies and ChallengesThe Journal of Commerce42011

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