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SlnoTitleJournal NameVolumesYear
1Predicting Performance A Dynamic Capability ViewInternational Journal of Operations and Production Management112018
2Performance Measurement and Management Systems A Perspective from Complexity TheoryInternational Journal of Management Reviews32018
3Towards a Theoretical Foundation for Performance Measurement and ManagementInternational Journal of Management Reviews32018
4Remastered, reinvented and reimagined evolving and merging performance management and measurement pathsMeasuring Business Excellence32017
5Contemporary performance measurement and management (PMM) in digital economiesProduction Planning and Control32016
6Eight challenges of servitisation for the configuration, measurement and management of organisationsJournal of Service Theory and Practice62016
7Strategic sourcing with multistakeholders through value cocreation An evidence from global health care companyInternational Journal of Production Economics02015
8Value of maturity models in performance measurementInternational Journal of Production Research102015
9A review of decisionsupport tools and performance measurement and sustainable supply chain managementInternational Journal of Production Research212015
10Green supply chain performance measurement using fuzzy ANPbased balanced scorecard A collaborative decisionmaking approachProduction Planning and Control82014
11Performance Measurement Challenges for TomorrowInternational Journal of Management Reviews32012
12State of the art literature review on performance measurementComputers and Industrial Engineering22011
13Outcome based service contracts in the defence industry mitigating the challengesJournal of Service Management52010
14Performance measurement in the construction industry An action case investigating manufacturing methodologiesComputers in Industry72007
15Understanding the relationship between PMS and MIS in SMEs An organizational life cycle perspectiveComputers in Industry72007
16Dynamics of performance measurement and organisational cultureInternational Journal of Operations and Production Management122006
17Implementation and impact of IT supported performance measurement systemsProduction Planning and Control22005
18Implementation and impact of performance measures in two SMEs in Central ScotlandProduction Planning and Control22005
19The interplay between performance measurement, organizational culture and management stylesMeasuring Business Excellence32004
20Implementing a Web enabled performance measurement systemMeasuring Business Excellence22004
21Driving continuous improvementManufacturing Engineer52002
22Web enabled performance measurement systems Management implicationsInternational Journal of Operations and Production Management112002

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