FINANCE Department - Faculty


Dr. Lubza Nihar

Associate Professor

Qualification:Ph. D


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SlnoTitleJournal NameVolumesYear
1The influence of foreign currency earnings and foreign capital on earnings managementAfro Asian Journal of Finance and Accounting002019
2Analyzing Income Diversification Relationship for Indian Banks based on Ownership and SizeVinimaya 32018
3Exchange Rates and Short Term Interest Rate A CoIntegrating RelationshipKnowledge Economy,142017
4Differences in Stock Price Sensitivity to Accounting Information Implications for Creative AccountingIndian Journal of Finance112016
5Analysing MFI Financial PerformanceROE Drivers ApproachManagement Accountant52015
6Strategic Approach for Reviving Indian MFIsVinimaya 42015
7Revival of Indian Microfinance Industry in the Aftermath of AP Crisis 2010 A Strategic ApproachCost Management 32014
8For Rwanda Model Of Public Private Partnership (PPP) In Micro Finance For Agricultural CreditFIIB Business Review32013
9Investors Preferences For Mutual Fund InvestmentsFactor AnalysisDrishtikon A Management Journal12012
10Knowledge Levels of Mutual Fund InvestorsDrishtikon A Management Journal22011
11Shariah Based Banking and Profit or Loss ParadigmInternational Journal of Management12011
12Mutual Fund Performance A ReviewDrishtikon A Management Journal22010

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