GITAM School of Business

Visakhapatnam Campus

GIM adds an unmatched academic rigor to its students as a distinct advantage. Adjunct and additional co-curricular facilities and academic extension activities offered by GSB provide students access to a range of learning, development and enriched experiences. These programmes promote academic rigor and provide opportunities for critical analysis with an emphasis on higher order thinking. The programmes are inclusive, dynamic, and provide an overall positive environment.

In order to meet the corporate requirements, GITAM School of Business has introduced Soft skill training program for all the students with trainers from reputed training agencies in the country. Each student takes a comprehensive Psychometric and English Proficiency test to know the present skill sets. Thereafter career guidance is offered by a psychologist. Based on the feed-back from the test, a detailed training module is designed by the counselors.

GITAM School of Business is the first college in AP, to have entered into MoU from the British Council to deliver industry sought Business English Certificate program of Cambridge University. After the diagnostic test, training is offered to students in BEC modules. At the end of the training and pass in the examination the students receive certificate from Cambridge University in either BEC Preliminary, Vantage or Higher.

Gurukool is a Three and half day OUTBOUND Training program designed for synchronizing the mind, body & soul for overall development of the self. It is developed to cover a wide range of topics from as basic as grooming & etiquette to complex modules of team work & leadership.

GITAM School of Business believes that all management students should know about the eco-system in which they operate. Hence this course was introduced while providing personal copy of Business World , Economic Times and Mint for all the students. The students are expected to go through these regularly.

Healthy mind demands healthy body. Today's competitive environment generates stress and to cope with this stress students need to develop mind control which is possible through meditation. To train the students in this line, the institute organizes Yoga & Meditation classes in the first trimester.

The students of  GITAM School of Business compete in the CAPSTONE Business Simulation as part of their curriculum. The simulation will help students to make their decisions on a number of issues while running the company they represent. This is highly productive in preparing students for competitive world. Also this will equip the students to improve team working skills, decision making and leadership qualities while applying business knowledge they have learnt.