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Y. Gouthama Rao

Prof. Amit Bhadra, Ph. D.

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Warm Welcome to the place where grooming happens intellectually and emotionally!

GITAM Institute of Management- GITAM have a growing reputation for management education since 26 years and the institute remain true to the commitment to excellence in teaching and close contact between students and faculty members. Our introductory courses combine small group activities, case analysis, group projects, and Seminar instruction with larger lectures. Through our Management programs, the students will learn to think critically and argue persuasively. The students will gain important job-related skills in methods of research, case discussion, data analysis and interpretation. They will gain the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary to live an informed life, and to make their communities and the world a better place. The institutions goal is to create a learning community in which students at all levels, and their faculty mentors, can engage in the pursuit of knowledge across and between a broad ranges of discipline in the Management. We offer students a wide variety of courses and programs in management.

The highly sophisticated products of the Institute are versatile with reputed figure employed every nook and corner of the country and round the world. The campus is in the lap of nature. They enjoy the enriched library, hygienic cafeteria, world class sports facilities etc. The Institution is ever ready for the students to learn and to innovate in new dimensions. Parents are also satisfied with our attention & devotion for their beloved next of kins. The institute provides our Students with excellent curricular programs, equipping graduates with the required competencies necessary to face the challenges of globalization as productive citizens and leaders in a culturally diverse society.

Finally, we take pride in molding our students as socially sensitive and highly skilled citizens for the world.