GITAM School of Business

Visakhapatnam Campus

Sree Charan Tadepally
  • BBM 2005-2008
  • Head of Qualitative Research South
  • Nielsen India

My education from the erstwhile CMS-GITAM which is now GSB has played a huge role in shaping who I am as a person. It provided me with platforms where I learnt things about myself and what my strengths and weaknesses were. The excellent faculty the institute possesses, identified these and helped me harness my strengths while addressing my weaknesses. While education is important, communication and interpersonal skills are even more so in today's day and age. The B-School meet that's conducted by the institute provides an excellent platform for students to gain these said skills. From speaking to companies to get funds and sponsorships, to making pitches to other B-Schools on why GEM is a great platform for their students to take part in, to taking care of all that goes in making the event a success, it helps students understand what it could be like in the corporate world. From being a shy individual to being the student convener, it put me on the stage with some great professionals in the industry and helped me make connections and build my network. It helped me build communication skills without which I would be at a loss today in my professional career. For that, I'll always owe a big one to one of my most favorite institutes.

Oindrila Bhawal
  • BBM 1999-2001
  • Business analytics, project management, customer retention & Strategy
  • North American Retail Energy Industry

GSB was instrumental in strengthening my confidence and outlook to the future. The learning environment was always fun and engaging, the faculty was knowledgeable, accessible and the professional and life lessons imparted by them continue to inspire me even today. The most important aspect of my GSB education was that it was a well-rounded experience - while we got to learn about business concepts and fundamentals, we also had the opportunity to travel, work as teams, coordinate and participate in inter-collegiate competitions and activities that helped develop the fundamentals of management skills, which helped me develop as a well-rounded person and as a professional likewise.

Pratyusha Endula
  • MBA (2012-2014)
  • Social Media Marketer
  • AppOrchid India Private Limited

I pursued MBA in GSB (2012-14). The professional environment greatly helped me grooming myself into a future leader. The course curriculum is designed in a way that by the end of two years you are an all rounded given your 100% effort, making you more confident. The best part of the entire experience has been the professors who helped me a great deal in figuring out a lot of unknowns academically and career wise helping me build my personality. The talent pool is diverse and amazing, the exposure and the diverse thought process helped me to mend various behavioral/ professional aspects. It’s been an amazing journey overall, transforming myself into an efficient individual.

Ashok Kumar Pandey
  • BBM-1998-2001
  • Deputy Vice President
  • Fino Payments Bank Ltd.

Thanks for contacting me and giving me opportunity to place my thoughts in Alumni Speaks section. I had the pleasure of completing my graduation from CMS -GITAM under the guidance of highly efficient Professors and Management. From the first day itself the institute has surprised me with such a phenomenal step by step learning process. Management course is not just a process of earning a bachelor’s degree. It is a period which defines your life. You enter a college as a confused teenager and a right Institute serves the very purpose of molding you up in each and every aspect of life. GITAM provided me a clean and perfect atmosphere for education-peaceful surroundings, unique teaching methodology and guidance from awesome teachers. I have received and acquired values of perseverance for achieving goals and realized the worth of learning and professionalism. Just because the roots are nourished in a great and best way, Post GITAM the phase has been evolutionary in my career. I have got umpteen opportunities to work with leading organizations. I shall treasure the learning of GITAM all my life.

Venkat Ragav
  • BBM(2002-2005)
  • Sr. Data Analyist
  • ESPN cric Info

We were quite wild children at that point of time, reiterated to us by our HOD. I have no fancy stories of how GITAM forged my individual branch, but I am very thankful for being part of legend.

Venu Kota
  • BBM(1997-2000)
  • Integrated Operation Leader
  • IBM India

I am glad to be part of GITAM'S journey. I am grateful for the commitment and dedication with which GSB offers the best in its class education.

Jyothi Koneru
  • BBM(1999-2002)
  • Business Development Manager
  • Silicon Design Technologies

GITAM has laid a base for my career. In most of the companies GITAM'ites were placed and recognized as "Unique". In the corporate world GITAM has set a standard.