GITAM School of Business

Visakhapatnam Campus

Prof. Ashok Karri

Prof. Ashok Karri

Chairperson, Alumni Association
Ph: 0891 2840310

Greetings from your beloved alma mater, GITAM School of Business!

The stature of the GITAM School of Business rests on three strong foundations: its heritage, its core values, and its people-the students, faculty, staff, parents, and alumni who are continually shaping and re-shaping the institution.

Today, The Alumni Association is a little over five thousand members strong. The Alumni of GITAM School of Business (GSB), formerly known as the College of Management Studies (CMS) are spread all over the globe. Every year an Alumni Meet is organized after the Convocation for which the students of the previous academic year will be inducted into the Association. Meets are also organized in Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Benguluru periodically.

The Institute keeps in touch with its Alumni through its web portal and social media. We are planning to organize an annual Homecoming in the third week of December (Fri-Sat) every year to enable our alumni to plan their get-togethers. All alumni can register in the alumni portal. The door is open for you, our alumni.

One of the most valuable contributions that a vibrant alumni community can make is to keep our school relevant and on top of its game. Being out in the “real world”, you alumni know what is happening in business and government and can bring best practices and thought leadership back to the GSB so that our institute stays abreast of the latest developments. The Alumni Association is an effective channel for bringing in these fresh ideas and perspectives.

The relationship will not be one-sided, however. The Alumni Association has much to offer its alumni, including opportunities to further improve their skills and qualifications, to engage and network with other alumni, and to engage and interact with academics and the leadership of the GSB.

The Executive Committee of the Alumni Association is committed to serving our alumni and to finding out what they expect from us. The door is open. Please come in and be part of our dynamic alumni community.