MDP's & FDP's


MDP's & FDP's

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Management Development Programs(MDP).

For furtherance of Industry-Institute-Interaction, GIM regularly conducts MDPs to benefit the Managers in corporates and other stake holders. During the last 5 years(ie upto January 2017) , GIM organized ; 60 Nos. of MDPs.

Some of the topical themes pertain to ;

Work life balance & Personal effectiveness, Managing Relationships and Factors Affecting Work Stress, Motivational and entertaining development program, Labour welfare, Coaching skills for women employees – key to drive change in self and others, Soft skills, Emotional Intelligence for Orgnizational Effectiveness, Trends in People Management, Business simulation etc.

Faculty Development Programs(FDP):

During the last 5 years (ie upto January 2017), GIM organized ; 36 Nos. FDPs. Some of the topics pertain to contemporary developments with which the faculty are to be equipped with, to deal with current corporate shifts and practices.

The resource persons are drawn from top Academics and Industry from India and abroad.


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