M.A. in Applied Psychology


M.A. in Applied Psychology


The objectives of this program are to provide world-class professional education by following a scientist-practitioner model.

  1. To build competence among students from a holistic perspective by providing necessary theoretical and practical background in psychology.
  2. To prepare for a career in psychology applied to Health, Indian and indigenous psychology and Human resource management and other applied areas in Psychology.


At the end of the two year MA program in Applied Psychology, it is expected that the passing out students should :

  1. Be able to carry out independent Psychological testing in specific areas of Intelligence, personality and aptitude.
  2. Be able to undertake counseling sessions with supervision
  3. Be able to undertake research programs under supervision
  4. Be career ready in applied fields of psychology like educational , health , clinical and psychometrics
  5. Be able to enter higher level research programs and compete in qualifying examinations like NET.

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Semester I

Life Span Development
Social  Psychology
Systems and theories in Psychology
Statistics in Psychology
Communication skills
General Psychology ( bridge course)

Open Elective ( 1 out of three)

    1. Environmental Management
    2. Social Innovation
    3. Indian National Movement


Semester II

Cognitive Psychology
Experimental Psychology
Yoga theory and practice
Generic elective ( 1 out of three)

  1. Positive Psychology
  2. Gandhi On Human Nature
Emotions In Everyday Life

Semester III

Biological Basis of Behavior
Research Methodology
Psychological Assessment theory
Psychological Assessment practical
Internship viva
Discipline centered electives (2 out of 5)

  1. Forensic psychology
  2. Human Resource Management
  3. Health Psychology
  4. Psychology of Adolescence
  5. Mental Health in General care

Skill building elective ( 1 of 2)
1) stress Management

2) BEC

Semester IV

Indian Psychology
Counseling and Psychotherapy
Organizational Psychology
Comprehensive Viva voce
Discipline centered electives (2 out of 4)

  1. Cognitive Behavior therapy
  2. Rehabilitation Psychology
  3. Exceptional Children
  4. Performance Management


The Basic Eligibility for the course is any bachelor's degree, except Bachelor in Fine arts, with a minimum of 50% marks.



This is a highly affordable program, with a total fee of only Rs. 36,500/- for the entire program.


Filled in forms can be submitted at GIM office with a DD of Rs. 300/- in favour of GITAM, Visakhapatnam, For more information, call Dr. Deepa Mohan at 09440319062, 09848159620 or Dr. N. Jhansi Rani at 09985964141.


Download the Brochure & Application


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