BBA (Logistics)


The main object of the programme is to develop a student’s intellectual ability, technological skills and management skills through an appropriate blending of teaching and on job training. 

The other objectives are:

  • To provide basic knowledge on logistics and supply chain management disciplines.
  • To impart the skills required by a student to become a Professional in logistics and supply chain management.
  • To deliver composite knowledge in logistics discipline through apprentice based at every even semester.
  • To develop the student into an ethical and responsible to serve for the betterment of the society.
  • To impart life skills to groom the student as confident individual to live in any part of the world.
  • To prepare students for higher education in logistics and supply chain management programmes at home and abroad.


  • At the end of the three year Bachelors in Business Administration (logistics) program, students would gain a thorough practical knowledge in logistics and supply chain management.
  • The apprentice oriented curriculum offers practical exposure which would equip the student to face the contemporary challenges in the logistics field.
  • The holistic outlook of the program with value based courses ensures that students are groomed into up-to-date, assertive and effective business executives with strong leadership skills and social consciousness.


Semester - I

Language I (English)

Language II (Hindi/Sanskrit)

Fundamentals of Logistics

Principles of Management

Business Statistics

Materials Management

Warehousing and Distribution Centre


Semester End Viva Voce

Semester - II

Materials Management – Practical

Warehousing Management – Practical

Allied course (1 out of 2)

Apprenticeship - Level 1

Semester End Viva

Semester - III

Language I  Foreign Language /Soft Skills

Language II (or Business Communication)

Freight Forwarding (Ocean & Air Cargo)

Forecasting and Inventory Management

Surface Transportation  &             Courier,

Express, and Parcel

Human Resources Management

Management and Cost Accounting

Semester End Viva

Semester - IV

Surface Transportation – Practical

Forecasting and Inventory Management –


Allied Course (1 out of 2)

Apprenticeship – Level 2

Semester End Viva

Semester - V

MIS for Logistics

International Logistics Management

Marketing Management

Retail Logistics and E-Commerce

Logistics Network Design

Port Terminal Logistics

Liner Logistics

Semester End Viva

Semester - VI

Logistics Network Design – Practical

Freight Forwarding – Practical

Allied Course (1 out of 2)

Apprenticeship – Level 3

Semester End Viva


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