GITAM School of Business

Visakhapatnam Campus

GITAM SCHOOL OF BUSINESS(GSB) attracts more than 50 companies from various sectors every year for the HR needs. The performance of the alumni ensure that companies visit year after year and also on an average 10 new companies are added every year. The major sectors in which the students are placed include FMCG, BFSI, Consulting, Technology, Retail, Logistics, Financial Services, Telecom, etc.

For the academic session 2019 – 20, GITAM SCHOOL OF BUSINESS  has two placement windows:
First Window : 10th October 2019 – 20th December 2019
Second Window : 20th January 2020 – 31st March 2020

We encourage all the Recruiters to provide a detailed Job description. It helps the student to understand more about the job, roles and responsibilities, desired skills and compensation details.

Organizations are requested to inform the School in advance about their recruitment needs along with the Job Description, terms and conditions of the job etc. This information is important to enlist students for the offer. Mutually convenient date and time will be allotted to the organization.

This is a standard practice preceding the recruitment process to facilitate interaction between the industry and the students. The recruiters are requested to make a brief presentation about their esteemed organizations the opportunities and prospects ahead along with job description for the position offered.

Results of the selected students is encouraged to be shared on the same day to ensure the student does not get selected by another company. We strictly follow a single offer policy. A student who received a confirmed offer, will be barred for further placements. All communications regarding placements is to be made to the placement office at

You can also contact us at +91 891 2790028, 2840411, or mobile numbers 91-7660000659, 661, 662