FINANCE Department - Faculty


Prof Ms P Sheela


Qualification:MBA, Ph.D.

Specialization: FINANCE

Phone No:0891-2840305


Best Research Teacher & Best Teacher awardee.

SlnoTitleJournal NameVolumesYear
1A Study on Investments in Tax Saving Products with Reference VisakhapatnamReview of Research82019
2Role of microfinance through self help groups and its impact on the living standards of rural porr a case study CPSIA INFORMATION12018
3Entrepreneurs Perspective towards Their Personaland Business ValuesInternational Journal of Research and Scientific InnovationIssue V,2018
4The Success Story of Islamic Banking in the Kingdom of BahrainResearch Review Journal72018
5Islamic Banking The stance of India on a Global LevelInternational Journal of Academic Research52018
6Corporate Social Responsibilities Practices inIndia A Study of Top Fifty Companies in IndiaInternational Journal of Research in Social Sciences52017
7Impact of Social Media in Developing Brand Loyalty among StudentsInternational Journal of Engineering and Management Research12017
8Factors Influencing SpiritualityIOSR Journal of Business and Management (IOSRJBM)92017
9Nutrition status of tribal women A case study of tribal VisakhapatnamInternational Journal of Advanced Education and Research12017
10credit challenges faced by financial institutions and small business in India a review of literature Journal on Banking financial services and insurance research52017
11status and impact of asset liability management a comparative study of selected public and private sector banksAsian Journal of Research and Finance122016
12Financial management A Casr Study of Women Entrepreneurs in Visakhapatnam DistrictInternational Journal of Engineering and Management Research12016
13Financial Decisions by Small and Medium Enterprises An Empirical Study IRJBM12016
14AssetLiabilityManagement A Comparative Study of a Public and Private Sector BankIRJBM12015
15A Comparative Study on Non Performing Assets of Public Sector Banks in IndiaManagement Today 22015
16Asset Liability Management A Comparative Study of a Public and Private Sector BanksInternational Research Journal of Business and Management 12015
17Human Resource Accounting A Case study with Special Reference to Visakhapatnam Port Trust.International Journal of Engineering and Management Research22015
18Corporate Social Responsibility Study of Select CSR Models in IndiaIPE Journal of Management12015
20Asset liability management A Comparative StudyIRJBM12015
21Human Resource Accounting A Case Study with Special Reference to Visakhapatnam Port TrustInternational Journal of Engineering and Management Research22015
22A Comparative study of asset liability management in the two top public and private sector banks in India. International Forum of Researchers Students and Academicians 12015
23The use of Fuzzy Analytical Hierarchy Process(FAHP) model for the primary screening of business opportunity in the process of entrepreneurial activityInternational Journal of Marketing, Financial services and management research52015
24The need for a credit Bureau for the non corporate small business sector in Indiathe international journal of business and management22015
25Effect of Asset liability management on Commercial Banks Profitability in Indian Financial market a case study of Two Public Sector Banks.International Journal of Business and Administration Research Review 62014
26The Dilemmas of Small Business Growth The Case of Rural Agri Business Based Micro FirmsSumedha Journal of Management42013
27Value Added Accounting An Empirical Illustration with Reference to the Port of VisakhapatnamThe IUP Journal of Accounting Research & Audit Practices22012
28Internets Impact on Marketing A Focus on Search Engine MarketingJournal of Social Science and Linguistics22012
29Farm Credit its impact on the socioeconomic status of farmers in East Godavari district of AP International Journal of Development Studies and Research12012
30Facts of Retail Industry in INDIAglobal management review12011
31Human Capital Accponting and Value added Performance a case study of a major Indian PortAsia Pacific Management Accounting Journal22011
32Importance of Brand awareness on brand choice of insurance products an Indian perspectivesMarket Dynamics12009
33Health Insurance coverage of rural and urban elders in Indiaglobal management review 12009
34A Study on the awareness of life insurance policies in VisakhapatnamInsurance Chronicle 12007
35A Study on the Awareness of Life Insurance Policies in VisakhapatnamInsurance Chronicle22007
36Enterprise Risk Management a New MantraInsurance Plus12007
37Characteristics and Goals of Family Businesses in Indian Retail SectorGITAM Journal of Management22007
38Financial Regulation in Developing CountriesIndian Economic Panorama32004

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