FINANCE Department - Faculty


Dr M S V Prasad

Associate Professor


Specialization: FINANCE

Phone No:0891-2840304


More Details

Received best theme paper with cash prize awarded by CESS, Hyderabad and Cash prize awarded by NIRD, Hyderabad. Apart from these received additional highest financial grant in  Euros for best research paper award by ISEE,Oldenburg, Germany
SlnoTitleJournal NameVolumesYear
1Does Age of the Companies Influence Really Environmental Accounting Disclosure Practices In IndiaInternational Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology 32019
2Assessing Investors Knowledge about Commodity Trading in IndiaInternational Journal of Innovative Technology and Exploring Engineering 42019
3Application of Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Method for Human Capital Evaluation in a Service OrganizationInternational journal of pure and applied Mathematics 142018
4Assessing Community Capacity towards Climate Induced Water Shortages Bridging Institutional players and Local Actors in Rural IndiaJour of Adv Research in Dynamical & Control Systems 042018
5Does financial performance really improve the environmental accounting disclosure practices in India an empirical evidence from nifty companiesAfrican Journal of Economic and Sustainable Development12017
6Evaluating Financial Performance of Select Indian Banks using Eagles Model Accounting Research and Audit Practices 22017
7Factors determining Environmental Accounting and Disclosure Practices in NIFTY Companies Journal of Accounting and Research12016
8EVA and Market performance of select steel companies Journal of Accounting and Research32015
9Assessing Corporate Performance with Measure of Value Added as Key Drivers of share holders wealthBusiness Strategy 42015
10Eco Corporate Culture A Case study of Select Indian CompaniesAsia Pacific Management accounting Journal22013
11Value added accounting an empirical Illustration Journal of Accounting and Audit Practices 22012
12Human Capital accounting and Value added performance A Case study of VPT Asia Pacific Management accounting Journal 22011
13Corporate Response to Climate Change what do stakeholders expect?Australian Accounting, Business and Finance Journal 32008
14Accelerating Liquidity in Govt. Bond Markets Indian Journal of Commerce 32005

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