ENTREPRENEURSHIP Department - Faculty


Dr M Rama Mohan Rao

Associate Professor

Qualification:M.A., Ph.D.


Phone No:0891-2794667


More Details

Presented a paper in International Conference on south asian culture and business

Practices, at University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, USA during May, 2007. 

SlnoTitleJournal NameVolumesYear
1Complementary effects of self help groups in achieving gender mobility and women empowerment in rural areas A case studyIJHRMR62018
2Role of NGOs and selfhelp groups (SHGs) in promoting Cooperative entrepreneurial culture among rural women A case study of coastal KarnatakaIJHRMR52018
3SelfHelp groups catalyst to finance inclusion of rural women A case study of Dakshina Karnataka state, KarnatakaIJETSR112017
4SelfHelp groups (SHGS) as a path way to gender equality and Women Empowerment A case study of Karnataka stateIJCESR122017
5SocioEconomic status of Gaddi tribe in Himachal Pradesh A studyIJAR82016
6Gandhian philosophy and women empowerment An overviewIJESC52016
7Role of Self Help Groups (SHGs) In Promoting CoOperative Entrepreneurial Culture Among Rural Women A Case StudyInternational Journal of Multidisciplinary Research62015
8Women Entrepreneurs Challenges and Prospects in Andhra PradeshA study JIARM12014
9Literacy among fishermen CommunityThe Educational Review12014
10Role of Women in Marine Fish Marketing A study of Visakhapatnam DistrictSouth Indian Journal of Social Sciences12014
11Sustainability of selfhelp groups A case of Krishna district, Andhra PradeshAndhra University Press12014
12Role of Urban Community Development Department in Mass Literacy Programme Visakhapatnam slumsThe Educational Review12014
13Role of NGOs in empowering women through micro finance A conceptual studyIOSRJHSS52014
14Fisherwomen of east coastal India A studyIJGWS22014
15Role of selfhelp groups (SHGs) in empowering women and promotion of women entrepreneurs in rural India A case studyJIMRP12014
16Displaced People of Visakha Steel City A studyTelugu (Published in Telugu)12014
17Indian Banking Industry and Non Performing AssetsIndian Economic Panorama3A2007
18Water Scarcity in developing city A case study of VisakhapatnamCivic Affairs12004
19Replacement and Rehabilitation of displaced persons of the Visakhapatnam Steel Plant A studyCivic Affairs12004
201991 census A studyYojana (Published in Telugu)11991

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