MARKETING Department - Faculty


Dr Rajeshwari Panigrahi

Associate Professor

Qualification:M.Com, Ph.D

Specialization: Marketing

Phone No:9989224206


More Details

SlnoTitleJournal NameVolumesYear
1Non contract broiler poultry farming in Visakhapatnam district Problems and ProfitabilityIUP Journal of Management Research097253422019
2Exploring new Dimensions of retailing consumer essentialsJournal of Marketing Vistas12017
3. Social Media at the top of the mind Journal of Marketing Vistas22017
4Corporate Social Responsibility Study of select CSR models in India (First Author)IPE Journal of Management12015
5How green is the Indian Consumer? (First Author)Journal of Marketing Vistas, 22015
6Re Engineering Rural Retail A Study of Various Innovative Agricultural Retail Models in IndiaIPE Journal of Management12014
7Consumer perception of the CSR effort and its consequent impact on purchase decision. (First Author)Journal of Marketing Vistas12014
8Purchase Behavior of GenY In the Indian MarketInfluence of Advertisements.GITAM Journal of management 42013
9Role Of Media in Fostering Brand Loyalty An empirical Analysis Journal of Research in Management, Computer Applications and Social Sciences 12013
10Dilemmas of small business growth The case of rural Agribusiness based Micro Firms Sumedha Journal of Management No.42013
11Ethical Dimension of Indian Advertising.(First Author ) IQRA International Management Journal12012
12Corporatization of Agriculture In India a study of contract farming (first Author )PRAGYAAN Journal of Management12011
13Evaluating the influence of Media on Consumer Purchase Decision An exploratory Study PRAGYAAN Journal of Management22010

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