Human Resource Management Department - Faculty


Dr Shaik Shamshuddin

Assistant Professor


Specialization: Marketing

Phone No:0891-2840302


More Details

Had industry experience.

Participation in a 4 months Faculty Development Programme organized by IIM,Ahmedabad.

SlnoTitleJournal NameVolumesYear
1Forex exchange Management and challenges in current global economic environmentImperial Journal inter disciplinary12017
2Non Effective role of Regulations on Non performing Assets in India with reference to Legal implicationsGITAM ProceedingsNone2016
3Management of Transmission and distribution loss A Major Challenge with reference to Power sector in IndiaSSRN12016
4HRD Practices A Comparative study with reference to HPCL and CFLTSM Business12016
5Development of Agro based Industry with special reference to cashew A Literary studySocial Sceince Research Network42015
6Evaluation and impact of Micro finance in costal APNA02013
7Philosophy and Management Functions in Current Global VillageAssociated Publications12009
8A Research Paper on Recommendations of the Twelfth Finance CommissionSerials Publications12008
9Perspectives of Corporate Social ResponsibilityGreen Business12007
10Health Insurance Retail in IndiaInsurance chronicle12006
11Third Party Logistics A Management aproachTechnology12006

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