OPERATIONS Department - Faculty


Dr U V Adinarayana Rao

Associate Professor


Specialization: Marketing

Phone No:891-2783449


More Details

SlnoTitleJournal NameVolumesYear
1Probabilistic Linear Programming in Project ManagementInternational Journal of Applied Engineering Research42019
2Integration of Lean Six Sigma Framework in Testing Laboratories Quality Management System With Specific Reference to ISO 17025Journal of Management32019
3Probabilistic Linear Programming in Project ManagementInternational Journal of Applied Engineering Research42019
4Operations Research An Overview and its applications in Mining Organizations in IndiaInternational Journal of Science, Engineering and mathematics82017
5Knowledge Management in the Education Sector Challenges and RecommendationIntercontinental Journal of Human Resource Research Review32016
6Role of Knowledge Management in Digital EraIntercontinental Journal of Human Resource Research Review 62016
7Brand Switching Behavior in Indian Wireless Telecom Service MarketJournal of Marketing management22016
8A Study on stress among public and private sector employees in selected service sectorIntercontinental Journal of Human Resource Research Review 22014
9Job Stress in Bank Employees An Empirical StudyJournal of Organization and Human Behaviour12013
10Effective Implementation of Wage and Salary AdministrationPrastuti Journal of Marketing and Research12013
11Identifying customers internet usage patternJournal of business and behavioral sciences12012
12Influence of advertisements on consumer behavior An empirical studyInternational Journal of marketing and business communication22012
13Impact of Advertisements on Consumer Decision Making ProcessPrima Practices in Research and Marketing22012
14Organizational Culture and Job Involvement in Cement Industry A StudyPrastuti Journal of Marketing and Research12012
15Behavioral aspects of netizens A study on Ras Al Khaimah, UAEOrient Journal of Law and Social Sciences52011
16Applying SERVQUAL Model to the dimensions of service quality in education sectorInternational Journal of Excellence in Education22011
17Quality Management in Passenger Transport Services An Application of SERVQUAL model to APSRTCIndian Journal of Transport Management22010
18Order Allocation in Supply Chain ManagementInternational Journal of Management Sciences, Ghaziabad12010
19A Study on relationship marketing with reference to the insurance sectorGlobus An international Journal of Management and IT12010
20Inventory Models for Items having Stock dependent demand and Fuzzy Deterioration RateInternational Journal of Ultra Scientist of Physical Sciences22006

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