Applied Psychology Department - Faculty


Dr N Jhansi Rani

Assistant Professor


Specialization: Yoga

Phone No:9985964141


Had  industry experience

SlnoTitleJournal NameVolumesYear
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2Spirituality And Emotional Behavior Among College Students Journal of Indian Psychology1 & 22015
3Impact of Yoga Training on Body Awareness and Fine Motor Skills. Social Cue12013
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5Yoga practice in Diabetes improves physical and Psychological OutcomesMetabolic Syndrome and Related Disorders62009
6Cumulative impact of Yoga on Trigunas and Autonomic Nervous System CorrelatesJournal of Indian Psychology1 & 22009
7Impact of Yoga Training on Cognitive Styles and Body Awareness.Journal of Indian Psychology1 & 22008
8Impact of Yoga Training on Triguna and Self ideal Disparity.Psychological Studies22007
9Effect of Enhancement of Oxygen Supply Through Yogic Procedure on Cognitive Task Performance.Journal of Indian Psychology1 & 22006
10Impact of Yoga training on Body Image and DepressionPsychological Studies12005
11Effect of Integrated Therapy on Diabetes Mellitus.Naturopathy12004
12Cognitive flexibility and Yoga training.Journal of Community Guidance & Research32004
13Effects of meditation on attention processes Journal of Indian Psychology1 & 22000
14Meditation and Attention RegulationJournal of Indian Psychology1 & 21996
15Body Awareness and Yoga Training.Perceptual and Motor Skills11994
16Effect of Shantikriya on certain psychophysiological parameters A Preliminary Study. Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology11992
17Selfideal disparity and Yoga TrainingJournal of Indian Psychology1 & 21992

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