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The International English Language Testing System is an examination specially designed to assess a candidate’s competency in the English Language for University studies. The IELTS examination is recognized by universities in the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. An increasing number of Universities in the United States and Canada are also accepting the IELTS scores.

The IELTS test (both Academic and General Training modules) is divided into four parts: reading, writing, listening and speaking. The listening and speaking tests are exactly the same for the Academic and General Training modules but the reading and writing tests are different. Thus the test appears like this (in the order that you will take the different parts):

Listening 4 sections; 40 questions. 30 minutes 4 sections; 40 questions. 30 minutes
Reading 3 sections; 40 questions
3 long texts
1 hour 
3 sections; 40 questions
3 long texts
1 hour 
Writing 2 tasks
1 hour
2 tasks
1 hour
Speaking 3 sections
11 - 14 minutes 
3 sections
11 - 14 minutes 

At the end of the course one will be-

  • Well equipped for the test by familiarizing with the types of texts and tasks that you will meet in the IELTS test, and the level and style of language used in the test. 
  • Be ready for studies at university or college by introducing to the types of communication tasks which are likely to be met in an English speaking study environment.

Course Duration : TWO months (4 SESSIONS PER WEEK)
Venue : GITAM Institute of Management
Fee Structure : Rs.6000
Class Timings : Tuesday and Wednesday (2:30 pm – 4:30 pm).
Contact : Dr. Rositta Joseph Valiyamattam(0891-2840306),