Visakhapatnam Campus

Psychometrics is a sub-discipline of the field of psychology with a focus on theory and application of psychological measurement, which includes measurement of intelligence, aptitude, personality in general and micro areas of human behavior where applicable. The Certificate course in Psychometrics is designed to enable proper understanding and assessment of human behaviour at work, so as to improve work efficiency and quality of life.

  • To facilitate a theoretical and applied understanding of human behavior at work
  • To equip the HR manager to scientifically assess behavior at work using the methods and tools of psychometry, where standardized tools are available
  • To encourage scientific test construction when the situation demands, in areas of behavior where standardized tools are available.

Perception; Learning and Memory; Intelligence; Personality; Psychopathology; Psychological Assessment; Test Construction; Ability Testing; Personality Assessment; Assessment of Abnormal Functioning; Psychophysical Techniques; Cognitive Abilities and Assessment.

Duration : Three months
Classes : Friday & Saturday from 4PM to 6PM
Contact : Dr. B. Nalini, at 9849069998 or send email to