Visakhapatnam Campus

Our program will produce graduates who:

Are competent, creative, and highly valued professionals in industry, academia, or government.

Are flexible and adaptable in the workplace, possess the capacity to embrace new opportunities of emerging technologies, and embrace leadership and teamwork opportunities, all affording sustainable management careers.

Continue their professional development by obtaining advanced degrees in Management or other professional fields.

Act with global, ethical, societal, ecological, and commercial awareness expected of practicing management professionals.

Our program will produce graduates who have attained:

an ability to apply knowledge of management skills

an ability to design and conduct data analysis and interpret data

an ability to function in multi-disciplinary teams

an ability to identify, formulate, and solve management problems

an understanding of professional and ethical responsibility

an ability to communicate effectively

the broad education necessary to understand the impact of management solutions in a global and societal context

a recognition of the need for, and an ability to engage in life-long learning

a knowledge of contemporary issues and

an ability to use the techniques, skills, and modern tools necessary for management practice.

SI. No. Course Code Course Download Credits
1 MMB701 Management Theory and Practice download 3
2 MMB703 Business Environment download 3
3 MMB705 Managerial Economics download 3
4 MMB707 Organizational Behavior download 3
5 MMB709 Accounting for Managers download 4
6 MMB711 Quantitative Techniques download 3
7 MMB721 IT for Management (100% Internal Assessment) download 3
8 MMB713 Business Laws download 3
9 MMB791 Semester End Viva-Voce 1


SI. No. Course Code Course Download Credits
1 MMB802 CBA -1 1
2 MMB804 YOGA 1
3 MMB806 Venture Discovery Download 2
SI. No. Course Code Course Download Credits
1 MMB702 Operations Research download 4
2 MMB704 Financial Management Download 4
3 MMB706 Business Research Methodology Download 3
4 MMB708 Operations Management download 4
5 MMB710 Marketing Management download 4
6 MMB712 Human Resources Management download 4
7 MMB714 Managerial Communication Download 3
8 MMB716 Innovation and Entrepreneurship download 3
9 MMB792 Semester End Viva-Voce 1


SI. No. Course Code Course Credits
1 MMB808 BEC 1
2 MMB810 Soft Skills -1 (Work Shop) 1
SI. No. Course Code Course Download Credits
1 MMB801 Strategic Management download 3
2 MMB803 Business Ethics and Corporate Governance Download 3
3 MHU841 Learning and Development Download 3
4 MHU843 Employee Welfare and Labour Administration Download 3
5 MHU845 Employment Laws -1 Download 3
6 MHU847 Compensation Management Download 3
7 MHU849 Human Resource Value Proposition Download 3
8 MHU851 Performance Management Download 3
9 MHU891 Summer Internship/Field work and Viva-Voce 3
10 MHU893 Semester End Viva-Viva Voce 1


SI. No. Course Code Course Credits
1 MMB812 CBA -2 1
2 MMB814 Soft Skills -2 (Work Shop)) 1
SI. No. Course Code Course Download Credits
1 MHU842 Employment Laws - II Download 3
2 MHU844 Industrial Relations & Statutory Compliance and Drafting Download 3
3 MHU846 Global Human Resource Management Download 3
4 MHU848/MHU852/MHU850 Strategic Human Resource* Management/Change Management/ HR & Technology(Choose ONE out of 3 courses) Download 3
5 MOE/MCC One Open Elective/Contemporary Course 2
6 MMB892 Comprehensive Viva-Voce 2
7 MMB802 – MMB816 PCDS 6*


SI. No. Course Code Course Download Credits
1 MMB816 Business Simulation Game 2