Visakhapatnam Campus

This is a three-year full time Bachelor of Business Administration in Management Accounting providing an in-depth knowledge of business functions along with Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA)’s globally recognized qualification. CIMA is world’s largest professional body for Management Accountants and its qualification is accepted by over 4500 employers globally. Broad business knowledge of these graduates qualifies to work in a wide variety of roles inside and outside the finance function. With the new curriculum, student would be able to get 10 exemptions and pass only three courses for attaining Advanced Diploma in Management Accounting from CIMA within three years. In 2014 & 2015, this program has won Best university embedded program in India award from CIMA.

  • To develop individuals with conceptual knowledge in the multiple disciplines of analytics comprising of mathematics, statistics, information technology and management
  • To develop individuals who can pursue career in the area of analytics and continue their professional development by obtaining masters degree specializing in different domains related to analytics.
  • To develop individuals who can apply analytics tools and techniques to solve business analytics problems.
  • To imbibe value based education to the students that will help them to function effectively in their business analytics career.
  • Ability to apply analytics techniques to analyze and interpret the data.
  • Ability to use tools such as Microsoft Excel, SPSS, R, Weka and Tableau to solve business analytics problem.
  • Ability to understand the business problem with their knowledge in different functional areas of management.
  • Ability to work with structured, semi – structured and unstructured data.
  • Ability to perform descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics.
  • Have necessary skills and understanding to take up advanced topics in the area of analytics and thus enhance their career.
SI. No. Course Code Course Download Credits
1 GEL131 Communicative English download 3
2 MBH115 Business Statistics download 3
3 MBG103 Business Economics download 3
4 MBH109 Management Accounting -I download 6
5 MBH111 Financial Accounting download 5
6 MBH113 Ethics ,Corporate Governance and Business Law download 4
7 MBH191 Semester End Viva-Voce 1
SI. No. Course Code Course Download Credits
1 MBG102/MBG104/MBG106/MBG108 Telugu/Sanskrit/Hindi/Special English* (Second Language) download 3
2 MBH110 Managing finance in a digital world Download 4
3 MBH112 Management Accounting -II Download 6
4 MBH114 Financial reporting download 6
5 MBH112 Excel download 3
6 MBH116 Operational Case study analysis download 4
7 MBH192 Semester end Viva-Voce 1
SI. No. Course Code Course Download Credits
1 MBG201 Indian Heritage and Culture download 2
2 MBH223 Advanced Excel Download 2
3 MBH213 Managing Performance-I download 3
4 MBH215 Advanced Financial Reporting-I download 6
5 MBH217 Advanced Management Accounting-I download 6
6 MBH219 Income Tax Law and Practice download 4
7 MBH207 Practice School Report 2
8 MBH291 Semester End Viva-Voce 1
SI. No. Course Code Course Download Credits
1 MBG202 Environmental Science download 3
2 MBH214 Managing Performance-II download 3
3 MBH216 Advanced Financial Reporting-II download 5
4 MBH218 Advanced Management Accounting-II download 6
5 MBH226 Management Case Study Analysis download 4
6 MMA202 Goods & Services Tax (GST) download 3
7 MBH292 Semester end Viva-Voce 1
SI. No. Course Code Course Download Credits
1 MBH391 Internship Download 2
2 MBH315 Strategic Management -I Download 4
3 MBH317 Risk Management-I Download 6
4 MBH319 Financial Strategy-I Download 6
5 MMA301 Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship download 6
6 MBH323 Tally download 2
7 MBH393 Semester End Viva-Voce 1
SI. No. Course Code Course Download Credits
1 MBG302 Retail Bank Management download 3
2 MBH316 Strategic Management -II download 4
3 MBH318 Risk Management -II download 6
4 MMA302 Strategic Management-II download 6
5 MBH322 Strategic Case Study Analysis download 4
6 MBH392 Semester End Viva-Voce 1
7 MBG342- MBG354 Professional Competency Development Courses 5
SI. No. Course Code Course Download Credits
1 MBG356 Coursera Course 1
2 MBG350 YOGA download 1
3 VDC111 Venture Discovery download 2
4 MBG352 BEC download 1
5 MBG354 Soft skills download 1
6 MBG348 Public Speaking download 1
7 MBG344 Book Review download 1