Visakhapatnam Campus

The program main objective is to develop a student’s intellectual ability, technological skills and management skills through an appropriate blending of business and general education. The other objectives are:

  • To provide basic knowledge on functional areas of management disciplines.
  • To impart the skills required by a student to become a Professional in Financial Technology.
  • To deliver composite knowledge on technological and entrepreneurial areas.
  • To develop the student into an ethical and responsible financial scientist to serve for the betterment of the society.
  • To impart life skills to groom the student as confident individual to live in any part of the world.
  • To prepare students for higher education in business at home and abroad.
  • At the end of the three year Bachelors in Business Administration (FinTech) program, students would gain a thorough grounding in the fundamentals of business management.
  • The Financial Technology and entrepreneurship oriented curriculum offers a number of specializations and practical exposures that would equip the student to face the contemporary challenges in the field.
  • The holistic outlook of the program with a number of value based and personality development courses ensures that students are groomed into up-to-date, assertive, and effective business executives with strong leadership skills and social consciousness.
SI. No. Course Code Course Download Credits
1 GEL131 Communicative English download 3
2 MBG121 MS Office & IT download 4
3 MBG103 Business Economics download 3
4 MAT101 Financial accounting-1 download 4
5 MBG107 Business mathematics download 4
6 MBG109 Indian Business environment download 3
SI. No. Course Code Course Download Credits
1 MBG102 / MBG104 / MBG106 / MBG108 Telugu / Sanskrit / Hindi / Special English* (Second Language) download 3
2 MBG110 Principles and Practice of Management Download 3
3 MBA102 Self-Awareness& Personality Development Download 3
4 MAT102 Financial accounting-2 Download 4
5 MBG112 Business statistics Download 4
6 MAT122 EXCEL Download 4
SI. No. Course Code Course Download Credits
1 MBG201 Indian Heritage and Culture download 3
2 MBG203 Business Communication Download 3
3 MAT201 Corporate accounting-1 Download 4
4 MAT203 Indian financial system Download 3
5 MAT205 Retail bank management Download 3
6 MAT207 Income Tax Law & Practice Download 4
7 Summer internship* 3


SI. No. Course Code Course Credits
SI. No. Course Code Course Download Credits
1 MBG202 Environmental Science download 3
2 MAT202 Ethics and Corporate Governance Download 3
3 MAT204 Business laws Download 3
4 MAT206 Tally (internal assessment) Download 4
5 MAT208 Organizational Behavior Download 3
6 MAT210 Insurance management Download 3
SI. No. Course Code Course Download Credits
1 MAT301 Audit-1 Download 3
2 MAT303 Cost & management accounting Download 4
3 MAT305 Stock market operations Download 3
4 MAT307 Indian accounting standards & IFRS 3
5 MAT309 Human resource management Download 3
6 MAT311 Marketing management Download 3
7 Summer Internship ( Article Ship) 3
SI. No. Course Code Course Download Credits
1 MAT302 Auditing-2 Download 3
2 MAT304 Goods and services tax ( GST) Download 4
3 MBG304 E-Commerce Download 4
4 MAT306 Financial management Download 4
5 MAT308 Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship Download 3
6 MAT310 Corporate accounting - 2 Download 4
SI. No. Course Code Course Download Credits
1 MBG356 Coursera Course 1
2 MBA370 YOGA download 1
3 VDC111 Course Discovery download 2
4 MBA358 *Current Business Affairs (CBA) 2
5 MBA360 Soft skills download 1
6 MBA362 BEC download 2
7 MBA358 Current Business Affairs (CBA)
8 MBA358 *Current Business Affairs (CBA) 2
9 MBG360 Soft skills download 1
10 MBA364 General Book Review download 1
11 MBA358 Current Business Affairs 2
12 MBA366 Management Book Review download 1