GITAM School of Business

Visakhapatnam Campus

Research has been the main focus area and GSB played important role in taking-up prestigious projects. University Grant Commission(UGC) and even the University awarded several projects in the last five years in the areas namely Financial services, Technical Education, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, insurance, Public health & Health Care, HRD Practices and General Management.

S.No Title of the project Funded by Duration status Sanctioned date
1 A Study on Financial and Social Performance of Microfinance Institutions in India towards Financial Inclusion UGC 36 Completed 01-Jul-2019
2 Social Wellbeing and Mental Health Challenges of employees of Small and Medium sized Enterprise in Emerging Economies Global Challenges Research Fund, UK Research and Innovation 12 In-progress 20-Jun-2019
3 SMEs to achieve greater sustainability through circular economy approach- Royal Academy of Engineering, UK 24 In-progress 01-Apr-2019
4 A Study on Customer Perceptions Towards Online Shopping A Case study of West Godavari District, Andhrapradesh Sir C R Reddy Educational Institutions, Eluru 6 Completed 01-Jan-2017
5 Impact of Information Technology in HRD UGC 24 Completed 13-Aug-2016
6 UGC TRAVEL GRANT UGC 1 Completed 06-Jul-2016
7 Major Research Project granted by the University Grants Commission, New Delhi on the Effect of Globalization on Inclusive Growth A Study of Visakhapatnam District, Period of the Project 01-07-2015 to 30-06-2018 (3 years), Project Total Cost 7-86 L, UGC MRP (MRPMAJORECON201323870)- UGC MRP 36 Completed 01-Jul-2015
8 innovations IN micro AND small ENTERPRISES IN visakhapatnam city UGC 18 Completed 22-Oct-2014
9 Problems and Prospects of Indian Retailing in Post FDI Scenario (An Empirical Investigation of emerging markets in Coastal Andhra Pradesh) UGC SERO HYDERABAD 24 Completed 31-Mar-2014
10 A Study of Assertive Behaviorwith reference to Andhra Pradesh State Government Group IV Employees UGC 24 Completed 13-Feb-2014
12 Applications of Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Method For Human Capital evaluation a case study of selected indian company UGC 36 Completed 27-Dec-2013
13 Deterioration of Agriculture its impact on Society a study on coastal Districts of Andhra Pradesh UGC 24 In-progress 26-Dec-2013
14 Value Chain Analysis of Retailing in Andhra Pradesh A tool for sustainable development- AICTE, NEW DELHI 36 Completed 02-Aug-2013
15 consumer satisfaction UGC 18 Completed 01-Apr-2013
16 Internal Marketing of Insurance Industry of India Comparative Study on Public and Private Sector UGC 24 Completed 31-Mar-2013
17 UGC Major Research Project _Empowerment of Rural Women through Entrepreneurship A study in Andhra Pradesh sanctioned by UGC, New Delhi for three years- UGC 36 Completed 29-Mar-2013
18 Semi Supervised Clustering for Customer Churn Prediction UGC 24 Completed 22-Mar-2013
19 Promotional Strategies of Life Insurance GITAM 12 Completed 22-Jun-2011
20 A study on Entrepreneurial capabilities among farmers GITAM 6 Completed 09-Jun-2011
21 Customer Relationship Management A Case Study of LIC India GITAM DEEMED TO BE UNIVERSITY 12 Completed 08-Oct-2010
22 Emerging trends of Industrial relations GITAM DEEMED TO BE UNIVERSITY 15 Completed 02-Apr-2009
23 Minor Research Project Entrepreneur attitudes among Professional Students of GITAM UNIVERSITY A Study Sanctioned by GITAM UNIVERSITY Visakhapatnam UGC 36 Completed 02-Apr-2009
24 Women Entrepreneurship Development and Role of micro finance A study in Visakhapatnam GITAM University 12 Completed 01-Mar-2009
25 Value Chain Analysis of Seafood Products in Andhra Pradesh A tool for sustainable development (As a Coinvestigator) UGC, NEW DELHI 24 Completed 31-Dec-2008
26 Completed Major Research Project Sponsored by the UGC on Investors Life Styles and Investment Characteristics of the Invesyors life style and investing characteristics of Rural People in the Four Coastal Districts of A-P, UGC 24 Completed 30-Jan-2006